ID Nr. AIF/2022/KAPAC2/108

CAPITAL: Capacity for Growth and Further (Co)Operation

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Within the framework of the Active Citizens Fund project “CAPITAL: Capacity for Growth and Further (Co)Operation,” ID No. AIF/2022/KAPAC2/108, Daugavpils University Association for Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication “Intellect Park” will develop the organization’s activities and management, enhance the human resource capacity for effective cooperation, and ensure the provision of innovative services. Through the analysis of achievements and challenges, the association will identify its needs to recognize growth potential.

One of the main tasks of the project to achieve successful project goals will be ensured by implementing a set of growth-oriented activities by the association. These activities include developing the association’s “Development Strategy,” incorporating relevant interdisciplinary education, cultural, and social services; evaluating and updating the activities of Latgale NGO network “Collaboration of Latgale Associations in Implementing Civic Society Activities” established by “Intellect Park”; adopting best practices from Norwegian NGOs; acquiring new methods for working with minority representatives and third-country nationals; enhancing the association’s website to provide transparent information about available opportunities for the public, offering a unified communicative space for the association.

Project implementation period: August 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023

Project budget: 17,248.99 EUR

Project manager: Maija Burima

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