Our Story

Daugavpils University Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication Society “Park of Intellect” is a significant representative of Latvia’s nonprofit sector in the fields of education, knowledge society, and cultural exchange, both nationally and internationally. Its name, “Park of Intellect,” conveys a message to our collaborators and clients – we have the capacity to invent effective and innovative solutions for every challenge. Simultaneously, we are committed to a professional and well-being ecosystem in which we collaborate with recipients of our intellectual products and services.

“Park of Intellect” serves as a nexus and collaborative platform for representatives from academic, technological, and creative sectors, as well as students, youth, seniors, and experts in the social environment. For anyone approaching us with ideas, initiatives, or a desire to collaborate, a suitable niche for self-expression will be offered. We highly value the ability to generate original ideas and contribute to shaping a better present with a secure outlook towards the future.

If you are seeking a partner who thinks innovatively and works efficiently, elaborates contemporary programmes, develops strategic documents for educational institutions, implements original non-formal and interest-based education programmes, creatively applies IT opportunities for the development of new solutions, organizes educational and cultural events, then feel free to contact us!