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“I would like to thank the entire team of “Intellect Park” for their tremendous effort, for the support, and the inspiration to spend days and evenings together with us. We have become one family.”


“Good afternoon. Many thanks for the knowledge I gained in the Latvian language courses. Thanks for the attention and the professionalism of our teacher Ilona. I really enjoyed learning from her. We had a very pleasant group of the course participants.”


“Many thanks for the organization, for such great support in learning the Latvian language! Maija Burima is a very good teacher. If there is an opportunity, I would be happy continue studying with her!”


“I would like to thank the organizers for the courses; I expanded my vocabulary and learned the fundamentals of grammar. Special thanks to the teacher Inese, who took great care of our pronunciation as well! I highly appreciate the diverse teaching methods. It was both informative and engaging. The classes passed quickly; I was never bored!”


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the association “Intellect Park” for the opportunity to achieve level A1 in such a short period. Of course, I am very eager to continue learning at level A2.”


“Everything was excellent! Special thanks to our teacher Inga; the classes were rich and interesting! Many thanks to the Latvian government and Daugavpils University for such support and assistance to Ukraine and its citizens!”


“I would like to express gratitude to Diana Skuķe. Thank you for the new knowledge presented so effortlessly, for believing in us, for inspiration, invaluable assistance, and support. I am wishing you success in your work and highly motivated learners! I want to thank you for the work and time dedicated, and knowledge you shared with us!”


“Qualified teachers, a creative approach, well-thought-out lessons, excellent choice of materials.”


“I gained confidence in my abilities. I am not afraid to start a conversation in Latvian, I have noticed that I make fewer mistakes, and my vocabulary has expanded.”


“I enjoyed working with the platforms; we were also invited to other courses. Everything has been very well organized!”


Ingrida, thank you very much for your work; you are a true educator, explaining things very clearly and in detail. Most importantly, it is very comfortable to learn with you; you radiate positivity, which sets a pleasant tone for everyone in the group. I believe we had a wonderful group. I also want to thank the organizers of these courses; everything was excellent. I hope we will continue learning in six months.


Ingrīda, thank you very much for your work, patience, the relaxed atmosphere, and, of course, your smile! It is truly enjoyable learning with you, and I look forward to continuing. Huge thanks to the organizers and creators of the group for providing us with the opportunity to learn without leaving home. You have greatly facilitated our daily lives with that. Many thanks to my fellow group members; you are all very nice people!

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Association "Intelekta parks" implements educational programmes and projects in the fields of integration, culture and Latvian and foreign language learning

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