Association “Intellect park” adopts best practices from Norwegian NGOs

From June 14, 2023, to June 16, 2023, two members and two volunteers from Daugavpils University Association for Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication, “Intellect Park”, were on a mission in Hamar, Norway, within the framework of the Active Residents Fund project “CAPITAL: Capacity for Growth and Further (Co)Operation,” ID No. AIF/2022/KAPAC2/108. The mission aimed to implement the project’s 4th activity, “Intellect Park’s study visit to Norwegian NGOs for the exchange of best practices.” The goal of the activity was to acquire experience from Norwegian NGOs in the field of integration of immigrants and other foreign nationals.

In Hamar, the delegation from the “Intellect Park” association met with representatives of the “OMSOZAMS VENNER” association to discuss mutual concerns, explore the possibilities of transferring Norwegian best practices to the Latvian context in working with third-country nationals and other target groups, and plan future cooperation events. During the meeting, the representatives of both associations visited Hamar Nature School (Hamar Naturskole), an excellent example of an integration-promoting environment where children and youth are taught the principles of mutual respect, cooperation, and participation through the diversity of nature. The acquired experience will be adopted and incorporated into the association’s “Intellect Park” Development Strategy for 2023–2030 as one of the integration models that the association can multiply and use in its future projects and activities working with third-country nationals.

The association “Intellect Park” introduced Norwegian partners to the activities within the framework of the ACF project, specifically the network enhancement activity “Collaboration of Latgale Associations in Implementing Civic Society Activities,” and discussed common areas of interest. In return, Norwegian NGO representatives provided recommendations for the development of the “Intellect Park” Development Strategy for 2023–2030. The experience gained during the trip contributes to strengthening the capacity of the association and will provide a sustainable contribution to its future activities, as the strategic activities of the Norwegian association “OMSOZAMS VENNER” align with the goals and mission of the association “Intellect Park”. In autumn 2023, representatives of “OMSOZAMS VENNER” plan to visit Daugavpils, where the concluding event of project activity 1, “Strengthening leadership and collaboration skills of the “Intellect Park” association for the strategic efficiency and modernization of activities,” will be implemented. The event will focus on the topic “Collaboration with experts in various fields and the adoption of best practices for the “Intellect Park” association’s operational efficiency from other Latvian NGOs and Norwegian NGOs.” The event will be led by Norwegian partners and two representatives from Latvian NGOs with a similar strategic focus.

The trip took place with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund project “CAPITAL: Capacity for Growth and Further (Co)Operation,” grant agreement No. AIF/2022/KAPAC2/108.