Man directions of activity

  1. To elaborate and implement events based on the availability of high-quality education throughout life, promoting individual self-fulfilment and improvement, regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, social, or economic status.
  2. To engage in the processes aimed at implementing the National language policy to create and strengthen a sense of belonging to Latvia among individuals living in Latvia and the diaspora, third-country nationals, refugees, persons with alternative status, and asylum seekers; to promote their civic, social, and cultural participation in Latvia.
  3. To model and test strategies for improving the quality of education, creating open and inclusive environments, and purposefully applying new technologies and teaching methods in lifelong learning.
  4. To ensure the exchange of knowledge and experiences among different society segments in terms of age groups (youth, seniors, children, etc.); to provide skills for integrating into certain innovations set by dynamic global processes in various social and cultural domains.
  5. To develop solutions oriented towards tolerance, cooperation, and integration within the framework of informal and interest-based educational events for various national and ethnic communities.