The association “Intellect park” will enhance leadership and cooperation skills

Within the framework of the Active Residents Fund project “CAPITAL: Capacity for Growth and Further (Co)Operation,” ID No. AIF/2022/CAPAC2/108, the implementation of the training programme “Enhancing NGO Leadership and Collaboration Skills for the Efficiency and Modernization of Strategic Activities” will be initiated. This programme aims to empower association members to integrate and apply the approach of setting and assessing goals in their daily work, fostering a favourable internal microclimate, and ensuring effective collaboration with external partners, including other NGOs in Latvia and Norway. The activity will provide an understanding of the need to build the visibility of the association’s brand and the opportunities for expanding the scope of the association’s activities, while simultaneously ensuring a more precise focus on specific target groups and an understanding of interdisciplinary resources in creating new educational tools.

The training is planned in four thematic blocks.

1st theme “Ensuring the continuous operation of the organization through the management of personnel, finances, and risks, using the strengths of each association member in enhancing the effectiveness of the association’s activities” will be covered starting February 23, 2023. This session will be led by Daina Einberga, the renowned author of the programme of personal development and motivation.

The training sessions will be conducted with the financial support of the Active Residents Fund project “CAPITAL: Capacity for Growth and Further (Co)Operation,” grant agreement No. AIF/2022/CAPAC2/108.