Through participating in the competition of the Latvian state budget-funded programme “Cultural Orientation Courses and Inclusion Measures for Ukrainian Civilians”, Daugavpils University Association for Lifelong Learning, Cultural, and Scientific Communication, “Intellect Park”, has received financial support for the project “STRONG TOGETHER-2. СИЛЬНІ РАЗОМ-2”, ID No. 2023.LV/UKR_KO/2/18!

General objective of the project – to provide cultural orientation courses and activities that promote collaboration between Ukrainian civilians and the Latvian society.

Specific objective of the project – through the implementation of cultural orientation courses and socialization activities, to strengthen the awareness of Latvian history, culture, and society among Ukrainian civilians. To foster the inclusion of the target audience in Latvian society and encourage cooperation with the host community.

Target group: 120 individuals – Ukrainian civilians, 10 individuals – representatives of the local community.

Implementation venues – Daugavpils, Krāslava municipality, Preiļi municipality, Rēzekne municipality, Rīga – for in-person activities; throughout Latvia – for remote activities.

Implementation period – 01.07.2023 – 31.12.2023.

Project budget – 60,000 EUR

Project manager – Maija Burima.

Activities and Results:

The knowledge gained in the cultural orientation courses will shape the awareness of Ukrainian civilians of the statehood, society, and values of Latvia. These courses will provide inspiration for transferring acquired knowledge, fostering adaptation within Latvian society. Cultural orientation courses will be implemented through in-person sessions, remotely, and in hybrid formats.

The integration event “STRONG TOGETHER” will shape the perception of Ukrainian civilians of Latvia’s social processes, values, and communication models. Practical workshops will form the development of new frameworks and networks for collaboration between Latvian and Ukrainian residents, which will lead to sharing the experience of successful small businesses and identifying the potential for entrepreneurial initiatives.

“MySkills” – the cloud skills cluster platform for Ukrainian civilians, will foster mutual collaboration and integration of Ukrainian civilians into Latvia’s economy. It will also promote the development of small businesses in Latvia and ensure interaction with the host community – Latvian residents. The project includes organizing an exhibition.

The project is financially supported by the Society Integration Foundation from allocated funds of the Latvian state budget.

Daugavpils University Association for Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication “Intellect Park” takes all responsibility for the content of the project activities.