The project “STRONG TOGETHER – 3. СИЛЬНІ РАЗОМ – 3” has been approved

Through participation in the competition of the Latvian state budget-funded programme “Cultural Orientation Courses and Inclusion Activities for Ukrainian Civilians”, Daugavpils University Association for Lifelong Learning, Cultural, and Scientific Communication “Intellect Park” has received financial support for the project “STRONG TOGETHER – 3. СИЛЬНІ РАЗОМ – 3,” ID No. 2024.LV/UKR_KO/003!

The general aim of the project is to provide cultural orientation courses and events that promote cooperation between Ukrainian civilians and Latvian society.

The specific aim of the project is to strengthen Ukrainian civilians’ understanding of Latvian history, culture, and society by implementing cultural orientation courses and socialization events. This will promote the target audience’s inclusion in Latvian society and foster cooperation with the host community.

Target group: 180 Ukrainian civilians and 20 representatives of the host community.

Implementation locations: Daugavpils, Krāslava Municipality, Preiļi Municipality, Riga for in-person activities, and all of Latvia for remote activities.

Implementation period: 01.03.2024 – 31.12.2024.

Project budget: 100,000 EUR.

Project manager: Maija Burima.

Activities and results:

The knowledge gained in cultural orientation courses will shape Ukrainian civilians’ understanding of Latvia’s statehood, society, and values. These courses will provide inspiration for transferring acquired knowledge, thereby promoting adaptation within Latvian society. The cultural orientation courses will be implemented through in-person, remote, and hybrid formats.

The cohesive event “STRONG TOGETHER” will shape Ukrainian civilians’ perception of Latvia’s societal processes, values, and communication patterns. Practical workshops will establish new frameworks and networks for collaboration between Latvian and Ukrainian residents. Experiences of successful small businesses will be adopted, and the potential for entrepreneurial initiatives will be assessed.

Participants in the entrepreneurial initiative hackathon “Promoting Leadership and Collaboration between Ukrainian Civilians and Latvian Society Representatives” will enhance collaboration and leadership skills. They will develop original business ideas, evaluating opportunities to integrate into Latvia’s entrepreneurial paradigm. During the “Strong Together” event, the fashion collection “Memory Code” will showcase the aspect of feminine solidarity, which is significant in adaptation processes. A networking event for women to promote entrepreneurship in e-commerce will highlight innovative, original collaboration opportunities between Latvian and Ukrainian women in Latvia’s business sector. Participants and their family members will gain knowledge about the creative industries and e-commerce opportunities, skills to evaluate e-commerce potential of a product, and share success stories of Ukrainian and Latvian civilians in e-commerce.

The project is financially supported by the Society Integration Foundation from allocated funds of the Latvian state budget.

The content of the project activities is under responsibility of Daugavpils University Association for Lifelong Learning, Cultural, and Scientific Communication “Intellect Park”.