We invite the families of Daugavpils to submit a video for the documentary film

Daugavpils families are invited to send videos from different times from their personal archives, which keep evidence of family traditions, holidays and everyday life. Take a look at your video archives, perhaps they store valuable not only the history of your family holidays, everyday life or traditions, but also important cultural and historical evidence! Older video recordings will be especially important. We will accept videos of any format. If you want to find out if your videos, content or format are appropriate, call or write, we will help.

We invite you to send the video materials to the e-mail saknesunpedas@gmail.com by May 23, 2022 or to hand them over by meeting in person (make an appointment by calling 27199046).

The possibilities of using and displaying all video materials will be coordinated with their authors, by concluding an agreement on permission to publish the submitted video materials. Those who submit the best video materials will receive a supermarket gift card as a prize, while the most appropriate fragments for the project will be included in the video film, which will be shown during the Daugavpils city holidays on the 3rd – 4th of this year. in June. Support this initiative and become ambassadors of the values ​​of Daugavpils families and co-authors of the video film! 2022.LV/ĘDP/132, within.

This publication has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Fund from the funds of the Latvian state budget. The Lifelong Education, Culture and Science Communication Society of Daugavpils University “Intelekta Parks” is responsible for the content of the publication.