The association “Intelekta Parks” invites Daugavpils families to apply for a bonding camp

From June 30, 2022 to July 2, 2022, Daugavpils University Lifelong Education, Culture and Science Communication Society “Intelekta Parks” project “Roots and traces of Daugavpils families”, ID no. 2022.LV/ĢDP/132, will organize a unifying camp for Latvians and nationals of third countries. Families of Latvians and other Latvian ethnic communities from Daugavpils are invited to apply for the camp. When applying, you must indicate the number of family members, contact information and motivation for participating in the camp. You can apply by writing to the e-mail: The number of places is LIMITED! Preference is given to families with children. Participation in the camp is free! The purpose of the camp is to create a favorable environment for the integration of families of third-country nationals into Latvian society, learning the basics of the Latvian way of life and strengthening family values. , quest “Cultural traditions in Latvian families”, master class “Intercultural communication and stereotypes”, baking workshop, excursions, etc.

This publication has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Fund from the funds of the Latvian state budget. The Lifelong Education, Culture and Science Communication Society of Daugavpils University “Intelekta Parks” is responsible for the content of the publication.