2018 A Guide To Latvia

The aim of the project “A Guide to Latvia” is to implement a set of non-formal education activities for children and young people from Latvian diaspora abroad, in order to promote the acquisition of the Latvian language, acquaintance with the Latvian culture, traditions, economic and business opportunities, to integrate the target audience in Latvian public life, to strengthen the national identity, to create friendly relationships with peers in Latvia and promote the sense of belonging to the Latvian cultural space, which would motivate them to return to Latvia in the future, to create tolerance towards Latvian diaspora in the Latvian society.

The project will enable 16 school children and young people aged 12-16 from Latvian diaspora to integrate into the Latvian language and culture environment by participating in a summer camp together with 16 young people of the same age from Latvia, involving the target audience in interactive and creative classes, getting acquainted with all Latvian regions, Latvian literature, folklore, folk dance, higher education opportunities in Latvia, cultural, natural and historical objects, successful Latvian businessmen in Latvia and small business either on-site or remotely, thus promoting the sense of patriotism and belonging to the Latvian state, creating loyalty and tolerance towards the Latvians living in the diaspora and nationals living abroad, and by means of this series of events promoting the process of re-emigration.

The project will be implemented with the financing of the Latvian State Budget-financed programme “Support of Joint Camps of Latvian and Diaspora Children”.

Project implementation time: 01.06.2018 – 31.08.2018.

Project funder: LR Ministry of Culture and Society Integration Foundation

Project manager: Maija Burima

The head of the project’s summer camp: Inese Valtere

Mājas lapa ir izveidota ar Sabiedrības integrācijas fonda finansiālu atbalstu no Latvijas valsts budžeta līdzekļiem projekta „Pilsoniskuma skola: nevalstisko organizāciju un iedzīvotāju iniciatīvas pilsoniskas sabiedrības stiprināšanai Latgalē”, ID Nr. 2017.LV/NVOF/DAP/MIC/028, ietvaros.