2014-2015 Let Us Get Familiar with Latvian Culture Canon

Daugavpils University Faculty of the Humanities Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication Association “Intelect Park”, with the participation of the Society Integration Foundation (SIF), within European Economic zone financial instrument of 2009-2014 period program “NGO foundation” subprogramme “NGO project programs”, has received financing for the project “Integrated Learning of the Latvian Language and Latvian Culture Canon for ethnic minority representatives and non-citizens Let Us Get Familiar with Latvian Culture Canon”(2013.EEZ/PP/2/MIC/022). The project is aimed at elaborating an integrated programme and learning materials for ethnic minorities and non-citizens with the aim of improving their aptitude of Latvian and gaining knowledge about Latvian Culture Canon – the set of the most outstanding and significant art works and cultural values that reflect the greatest achievements of the nation at all times. The course participants will have an opportunity to improve their skills of Latvian in language courses, visit the club of the speakers of Latvian, get acquainted with Latvian Culture Canon, and participate in educational trips.

Project financing– 17,993.34 EUR (90% from project expenses).

The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, and the programme is financed by EEZ instrument and the Republic of Latvia.

Aim of the project –to work out the originalprogramme forintegrated learning of the Latvian language and Latvian culture canon welcometo Latvian Culture Canon. The execution of the programme will provide an opportunity for ethnic minorities and non-citizens of the town and region of Daugavpils to improve their proficiency of Latvian and gain knowledge of Latvian culture canon – the totality of the most outstanding and significant works of art and culture values reflecting the major achievements of the nation in culture.

The project target group– ethnic minority residents and non-citizens (80 persons) in Daugavpils – region and town with the largest ratio of ethnic minority residents and limited environment of the use of the Latvian language. DU academic bachelor study programmePhilology(Latvian philology) and history(history of culture) will work as teachers on a voluntary basis in the project thus gaining their first skills of teaching.

Major activities –to organize integrated courses (80 hours) of Latvian language and Latvian culture canon, to create aset of teaching materials for the programme implementationbased on the principles of wholeness and the unity of theoretical and practical action and demonstrativeness and course of Latvian history. For the practical application of the knowledge acquired in the courses, to create aClub of language users; students of Daugavpils University Latvian philology and Latvian culture history will participate in its work, in order to build up the language proficiency of the project target group by discussing with them the culture canon values. To organize a learning tour for the course participants to get familiar with Latvian culture canon objects in direct experience.

Planned outcomes –acquisition of the Latvian language in interaction with the knowledge on 99 objects of architecture and design, cinema, literature, music, theatre, folk traditions, visual art characterizing Latvian culture that is included in Latvian culture canon; this will constitute the basis of the cultural experience of the project target group providing support for the versatile acquisition of the state language and culture and the development of a united understanding of history, thus fortifying the sense of belonging to Latvia, promoting tolerance and reducing national tension.