Association “Intelekta Parks” invites you to honor family values ​​during Daugavpils city festival

On June 3 and 4, 2022, at the Daugavpils city festival of the project “Roots and traces of Daugavpils families”, ID no. 2022.LV/ĘDP/132, an informational campaign honoring family values ​​will be held. The campaign will be organized by Daugavpils University Lifelong Education, Culture and Science Communication Society “Intelekta Parks”, it will take place in a tent at the intersection of Riga and Cietokšņa streets. In the tent of the “Intelekta Parks” association, every visitor will be able to take refuge from the surrounding bustle and in a free, relaxed atmosphere will be invited to reflect on their family values ​​and share them with others. All guests of the “Intelekta Parks” tent will be invited to vote for the basic values ​​that are respected and nurtured in their families, as well as express an opinion about what a family is to them. Voting and expressing opinions will take place throughout the event – in the survey tool Mentimeter and on the artistic stand created in the shape of a house. Visitors will be able to see the most popular values ​​of families in the projection located in the tent, while opinions about the family will be read on the stand. During the information campaign, the documentary film “Roots and Traces of Daugavpils Families” created within the project will also be shown, which collects the video materials sent by several Daugavpils families from their personal archives.

Those who submit all the videos will receive prizes in the tent – DEPO supermarket gift cards. Participants of the city festival, visiting the project’s informative campaign tent, will be able to take photos against the background of the artistically designed home stand. The visual design of the tent will give visitors a feeling of home, where everyone is warmly welcomed with a warm cup of tea and sweets, and where there is always time for leisurely conversations about eternal values.

This publication has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Fund from the funds of the Latvian state budget. The Lifelong Education, Culture and Science Communication Society of Daugavpils University “Intelekta Parks” is responsible for the content of the publication.