04.12.2018. – 11.12.2018. prof. Maija Burima participated in 50. Conference ofAssociation for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) Boston, USA

From 4 December to 11 December 2018, Dr. philol. prof. Maija Burima participated in the 50th Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Conference

(ASEEES) in Boston, USA, with the presentation of the research “Rainis’ Poem “Broken Pines”: formation, circulation and post-Soviet representation of Soviet clichés”. The report in the conference thematic discourse marked the ideology of the Latvian (Baltic) literature, circulation and formation of Soviet clichés after the Soviet occupation, by choosing the documents of Literature and Music Museum Rainis’ Foundation “Case of the Broken Pines” as an example. The research results were presented in the conference thematic group “Soviet Clichés in the Post-Soviet Literature Discourse”.

Soviet clichés were analyzed as tools of the Soviet propaganda used for maintaining the totalitarian regime in the USSR. During the research approbation, recommendations for further study of the cultural canon perspective were received.

Participation in the conference was implemented within the framework of the USA Embassy Latvia’s Small Grants Programme project “Political Perspective of the Cultural Canon”, grant contract Nr. S-LG750-19-GR-0003.


This project is supported by the USA Embassy. Its forwarded opinions, conclusions or recommendations may not reflect the official position of the State Department.